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Silvia Micocci
Italian psychologist in the Netherlands:
in Rotterdam, Breda and online

PSYCHOLOOG NIP lidnummer: 214429 (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen).
Order of Psychologists of the Lazio Region protocol No. 9814.

Teacher of the Three-years Art Therapy School with Integrated Psychophysiological Orientation

AGB-code onderneming: 94066806

AGB-code zorgverlener: 94110757

am a Clinical Psychologist and teacher of Arts Therapies
with Psychophysiological approach.

Since 2011 I have been working as a psychologist in The Netherlands.

I receive my patients in BredaRotterdam, but also online.

My work consists in welcoming, supporting and accompanying anyone who is in a condition of psycho-physical suffering on a transformative path.

Those who turn to me will be welcomed in full respect of their uniqueness, their condition and without judgments.

The work I propose allows on one hand to make contact with one's authentic needs and emotions, on the other hand, to discover tools and resources useful for managing more or less intense discomfort. Through this work, dysfunctional and unsuitable behaviors can be transformed, and the person can find ways to stay and be more adaptive and authentic evolving new positive considerations, experiences and meanings of him-herself training allows me to use of art therapy.


In 2003, I started to work as Psychologist, first in Italy and later in the Netherlands.

Since 2011 in the Netherlands as a psychologist I deal with
psychological support

The practice as an Italian psychologist in the Netherlands made me get in touch with psychological issues related to experiences of emigration. A desire emerged in me to deepen and deal also with the psychological difficulties related to modulation and adaptation of the feeling of identity of those who emigrate to The Netherlands. This ever-present interest in my clinical practice has had as its flowering the project based on biographical interviews with immigrant women: "The inner journey of immigrant women”, Which has given rise to exhibitions and workshops in Delft and den Haag.


My education







I graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology in Italy.

  • I collaborated for 12 years with the chair of Clinical Psychophysiology, Prof. Vezio Ruggieri, where I studied the Integrated Psychophysiological approach, a clinical and pedagogical approach, which integrates the psychosocial and psychodynamic dimension of the individual with the body dimension.

  • I was trained in the use of visualizationrelaxation techniquesdramatizationpostural rehabilitation which I associate with the clinical interview.

I attended a didactic-training course of Arts therapies, under the theater-dance-therapy and music therapy with Psychophysiological orientation.

I attended the theoretical-practical course: "Preventive and therapeutic groups in adolescent psychiatry" of the Hospital Medical School From Rome.

I worked as a psychologist rehabilitator in community for psychiatric patients.

2002, together with the group of collaborators of the Chair of Clinical Psychophysiology, I founded the associationAEPCIS (European Association of Clinical Psychophysiologists for Social Integration) and the three-year Master in Arts therapies ad Orientation Psychophysiological.

I organize training seminars forsocial workerspedagogistspsychologists, teachers and artists.

I am a teacher of: "Arts psychophysiological therapies with clay" and by 2002 to 2016 from "Weaving and weaving" At the three-year Master in Arts Therapies with Integrated Psychophysiological Orientation (AEPCIS) -




In the need to constantly update myself, I also follow training courses in the Netherlands:

HBO Diagnostiek in de Psychologie-LOI Hogeschool

In the desire to deepen my practice of the use of therapeutic art languages, I attended the second year at “De Kleine Tiki” -School voor Kunstzinnig Dynamisch Coachen.

I deepened my skills in multiple and innovative intervention models through the I and II Masterclass Narrative Design Immersion, Coachingpsychologie organized by the NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen).

My training has also extended to artistic territories, enriching myself for years of theatrical experiences, three years intensive course in ceramics at the School of Ornamental Arts of San Giacomo in Rome.

Four volunteer experiences, in the social-educational field, in Latin America have played an important role in human and professional growth. This alternative and parallel path to my university education integrates and completes my work as a psychologist.

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